5 Amazingly Inspiring Web Design Resources

In this post we are going to give you some tips about the resources you can use for design inspiration. They turned out amazingly helpful for our designers at GNS. Most of them offer a good variety of creative graphics, awesome projects, profiles of professional designers and writers. So, let’s get going!


Dribbble is a place to show and tell, promote, discover, and explore design

A great community of designers, inspiring you every day! It`s a company that gathers millions of talented designers, illustrators, icon artists, logo designers, typographers and other amazingly creative professionals all around the globe. Dribbble includes fantastic architecture illustrations, animations, exciting logos, icons and shots, design symbols and widgets… Try it out and you’ll get the much needed flow of ideas! GNS team recommends it first of all other resources. So don’t be lazy, click the link and dive into Dribbble.


Behance is a nice resource for different creative spheres! Here you`ll find magical design stuff, usability tips, startup hints and many-many others… You`re able to join a number of groups you like, follow projects of well-known designers and developers. Besides, our designers enjoy reading Behance Blog most of all. It is informative and fresh. The information keeps up with the time, so you march on with the main digital events. Try it, you won`t regret!


Crayon keeps track of millions of pages from around the web. Whatever design problem you may struggle with, you will find your solution here. And in Crayon blog you can read about design approaches and get a great analysis on what certain websites did great or not so great. It is an ultimate source of intel and inspiration as well as a kind of social network. You can browse through resources other users saved to their collections and pick out your favorites.

Little Big Details

Little Big Things is your daily dose of design inspiration

Little Big Details is a fully completed stock of tiny details for a successful design. I believe every design should be thorough, down to the last detail. Because details mean so much more for every user than any other thing. The design data is often refreshed and sorted by months, which makes it simple to follow and observe things you`re interested in.

We scour the world’s best creative talent to keep FormFiftyFive a foremost collection of current design from both the young upstarts and well known masters.


FormFiftyFive is an international showcase of creative work. There are 5 main sections like Everything, Interviews, Books, Events and Jobs. I`m sure you`ll find everything you need, just have a look at FFF! Engaging articles, topical videos to the news, must read books for a web designer – it`s just a little piece of what you`ll bump into, while discovering FFF.

I’m sure these things are worth your attention. If you have valid resources to inspire your mind and soul, please, don`t be greedy, share them!

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