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Travel & Hospitality Challenges

Any tourism and hospitality business is fully aware of the industry challenges. More and more people prefer to use their phones to access all the information they need during planning, travelling and post travelling stages. It becomes more difficult to hold attention of the users. Attention span is falling and companies need new solutions to attract their consumers. The industry is struggling for innovative technical and digital solutions to solve the problems with:

  • Lack of mobile services throughout the industry
  • Growing information stock on the market
  • Rising amount of restaurant online services
  • Difficulties in administrating working staff of a company
  • Problems with optimizing the staff researching process on the labor-market
  • Lack of finance provision for innovative solutions
  • And many others, needing quick and quality solutions to implement

How Big Brands Fight These Challenges

Mobile Apps

Pizza Ranch

During Black Friday,  Pizza Ranch doubled the points for loyalty program participants. It led to 67,6% revenue growth that day. Their ROI was 780%!


Pizza Hut and Domino’s

You can order food from these places using Facebook Messenger or Twitter.
Domino’s also supports voice requests through Amazon Echo.



McDonald’s send special coupons to customers’ apps that offered a free drink from a new line if they bought coffee. The campaign achieved 20% conversion rate.

What you get

We offer wide range of best services, helping you to make optimal changes and implement fresh solutions:

  • Mobile apps
  • Software solutions for geomarketing
  • Chatbots
  • Digital travel guides
  • Ticket booking and table reservation apps and systems
  • Online payment systems
  • Complex social media integration
  • Apps for loyalty programs

GNS is a team of profound and professional specialists, ready to implement any digital experience you need. We are the very company, providing businesses with unique quality solutions and helping our clients to make business work on them.

40% of all Domino's orders are paid by mobile

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