Outsourcing. Dispelling the myths

Disputes about outsourcing practices are endless since it was born. For the most cases you can hear main outsourcing “pro” – cost effectiveness. Well, main thesis of outsourcing supporters has transforms in the recent years: cheapness is not everything – outsourcing allows you to control price/quality ratio.

This gives an opportunity to structure IT-services such wise, so you start to realize their true value. Accordingly, you can chose what is needed for you and can reduce costs against quality (continuing clearly evaluate quality level) or, vice versa, improve quality level by increasing costs.

In order to fix quality level, you should incur initial losses. But in the future you will gain an opportunity to reduce costs of consumable IT-services for few percents per year – due to sharpening IT-processes and increase of their efficiency.

As for “cons”…

Outsourcing practice has formed whole collection of delusions over the years, which we would like to look thoroughly:

1st Delusion – Outsourced companies placed in politically unstable countries, providing risks to the project implementation.

In fact: Political unstableness provokes company’s employees to rely only on their selves, without hopes on the government side. This leads them toward to such qualities as responsibility, hardworking and better business performance. And yes, cost efficiency is one more advantage.

2nd Delusion – Cultural and language differences can cause difficulties and misunderstanding.

In fact: Ukraine is close enough to the Europe, absorbed wide variety of its habits and way of life. This gives Ukraine considerable advantage comparing to popular outsourcing countries like India, China or Indonesia. Also, IT specialists understand importance of high level of written and spoken English in their work. Most of them have started to learn English language from the 1st grade, while some has started from kindergarten.

3nd Delusion – Only big companies can afford to outsource their IT processes.

In fact: GNS-IT tightly cooperates with dozens of small and medium businesses that require professional IT-partner to rely on, but with limited budgets.

4th Delusion – My company should firmly stand on its feet, while I can afford outsource services.

In fact: No! That is absolutely opposite to the reality. Outsource companies due to their wide experience, could help to stand up your company faster and help them to focus on other projects sides, like marketing, sales, business core ideas, etc. We helped as start-ups, as “old-fashioned” businesses.

5th Delusion – It is too complex to communicate.

In fact: VOIP connection, Internet, phone – provide 24/7 access to the project life. You can freely communicate and deliver needed insights in few seconds to the team.

6th Delusion – Low qualification level of outsourced specialists.

In fact: Every year, Ukraine graduates more than 30,000 specialists from IT related fields. And for the most cases, they continue their self-education in IT.

7th Delusion – My company couldn’t trust outsource specialists as much as own one’s.

In fact: All information provided by clients is absolutely confidential. It is in our interest to be reliable and trustful in eyes of the client. Moreover, client can freely get absolute control over the processes and costs spent in projects.

8th Delusion – Time difference. Outsource specialists work while my company sleeps and vice versa.

In reality: Many of our clients have 2 or more hour’s difference in working time. But our team dedicated to the client’s working hours, absolutely adapting to client’s business model and business leading. Inconsistencies are easily compensated by our shifts in working time. Also, maximum two-hour flight to any point in Europe makes our differences absolutely negligible.

9th Delusion – Outsource can affect intellectual property of your company.

In reality: GNS company coined in United Kingdom responding strict conditions of UK laws.

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