GNS has extensive experience in creating chatbots. After completing dozens of similar projects we have created the following solutions to simplify and automate the process. It means we spend less time on development and use tested and proven techniques.

As a result you get a more reliable product within shorter timeframe and at lower cost.

Reduced Cost

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Chatbot For Your Website


  • providing consult to clients
  • collecting personal user’s information
  • creating feedback request depending on particular case
  • interacting with external services sending a lead to manager

Technologies: Meya + + Smooch software + Frontapp software.

Data Sources: database and brokers’ websites.

Implementation: based on strict flow branching script and button-logic approach and combined with user input module. The bot can send email updates to support agents, as well as interact with external service – velocify (the task of this service is creating a feedback lead).

Features and Benefits:

  • Integrated into website
  • Provides support
  • Collects required info and passes it to support agents

Get A Chatbot For Your Website

Facebook Chatbot

Description: on October 19-21, the world of insurance industry expects the 96th annual IBAO (Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario) Convention. This time an organizing committee had an idea to create an e-assistant, that could be always found in visitor’s pocket and be ready to help with important info. What is an agenda? Who are the sponsors? How can I book a room? All these answers can be provided by a special FB bot.

Tasks: providing assistance and information to conference participants.

Technologies: FB platform and an advanced developer toolkit.

Data Sources: DB and external site as information sources

Implementation: the bot works according to a specially designed flow using a combination of an internal DB and external site as information sources. It is designed on a button-logic approach. On each and every step user is offered a set of options to choose. A user picks an option and the answer is sent to the chat.

Features and Benefits:

  • Based on Facebook chat
  • Provides answers to general questions

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