Symfony Based CMS

If you need effective and flexible Content Managing System, you`re on the right track. GNS created a unique CMS, which is easy in integration and customization.

Our CMS is based on the best features of WordPress and other popular systems, familiar to a lots of customers.

Why did we do that in such way?

The CMS is flexible enough to be customized depending on your business requirements, whatever industry you work in.

It is built on Bootstrap 3 and basic elements include:

  • Crossbrowser and adaptive
  • Auto complete of dynamic data
  • Ability to clone entry fields
  • Ability to visually edit and crop images
  • Gallery and slider for media files
  • Stacks overflow support
  • Visual drag’n’drop menu editor

We can easily add such features as:

  • Self-contained generator for classes.
  • Mail delivery service
  • Multilingual
  • Ability to configure SEO fields
  • Short codes for visual text editor

GNS managed to take the best features of popular systems, implement them with Symphony by means of Bootstrap 3 and get quality CMS. The system we offer is scalable and flexible. It is simple to use, easy in adding new elements and functions. All the managing and configuration processes are quick and simple to perform.

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