We realize, it`s hard to find the right solution for staff management. But we`ve tried to do that for you and for ourselves by creating unique and quality CRM / ERP. It is easy to use and customize.

CRM / ERP we offer is well automated and gives an opportunity to save time and steadily control development process. It is fast and easy to edit and customize according to your business needs. We are sure, you`ll be delighted to use our CRM / ERP, especially due to its easy integration into any business ecosystem.

The basics of our CRM / ERP include:

  • Staff data storage
  • Detailed data for projects and clients
  • Analytics and accounting system
  • Customization according to the needs of a customer

Basic features

Employees’ data storage (from photos and birthdays to ROI and performance reviews results)

Detailed data for projects and clients

Analytics and reporting

This is the right solution for your needs in staff management. Contact us and we`ll provide you with the solutions you are looking for.

Implement This CRM In Your Company