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When it comes to online shopping, 22% of consumers do not want to make a phone call to have their questions answered

E-Commerce is the most rocketing industry among others, trying to implement digital services. The goal of e-Commerce is more than clear – to simplify trading and retail as much as possible and to get more and more consumers triggered as well.

$1.915 T2016 Online Sales

23.7 %2016 Growth Rate

$4.058 T2020 Projected
Online Sales

  • Sales (In trillions)

eCommerce Challenges

However, e-Commerce is in need of innovative solutions for different issues:

  • Security 
  • Mobile app usability growth and diffiulty keeping up with it
  • Using the most relevant ways of payment
  • Low retention
  • Lack of expert advice and guidance
  • UX decisions
  • Lack of web programs and systems, digital software
  • Low conversion rates
  • Integration with social media and other modern services

Estimated percentage of eComerce spending on mobile in 2015

  • Total mobile
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet


Is your eCommerce business struggling for reliable and safe software provider? Only in case of good outsourcing partnership, you`ll obviously overcome the challenges.

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Big data and predictive analysis increase business margins

60%average increase in business and a 1% improvement in labor productivity for retailers who started using Big Data

73% higher salesfor companies using Predictive Analytics than those who never done it

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