More and more people feel the need for services in e-government industry. Society becomes aware of and interested in what government does to reach the well being of a country. People have a desire to be involved in governmental decisions. Otherwise, government is also in need of peoples` view. It obviously has to get general feedback on what is actually happening. The magnificent importance of e-government development is obvious.

eGovernment Challenges

However, we know there is a lion`s share of challenges it has to overcome.

‘As of December 2014, 76 percent of Americans have used the internet to access governmental data or information’

E-government industry is in trouble of making right connection with people by the right means and tools. It needs innovative quality digital solutions, like development of online apps, web platforms and portals, e-petitions, apps for services and grants. The most shouting problematic issues of the industry are:

  • Digital solutions for security
  • Technical literacy absence
  • Lack of appropriate and quality supply and solutions
  • Lack of financial provision
  • Weak constant support and improvement


To solve the problems, you`re always facing, it`s vitally important to find a trusted and experienced development company, ready to outgo your troubles and providing you with effective solutions.

Devices used to access local or national government websites according to internet users in selected countries as of October 2014 (in percentages)

  • Desktop/laptop/notebook
  • Mobile phone/smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Connected TV

To cope with the challenges above, GNS offers unique and quality solutions. We`ve already implemented them for more than 200 of our clients and their businesses all over the world. Now we offer our best services to you:

GNS has successfully carried out digital projects in finance, startups, e-learning, e-commerce and retail, travel & hospitality, gamification, and in e-government as well.

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U.S. customer satisfaction with leading e-government websites as of 1st quarter 2016 (index score)

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