Energy Challenges

Energy industry is now undergoing transformations. All power utility companies are struggling new disruptions and changes. They are technological breakthroughs, demographic and social change, climate change and resource lack, shift in global economic power and fast urbanization. Those shifts cause another industry challenges, like:

  • Climate change and growing need for “green” energy
  • Lack of new effective solutions for energy usage and production
  • Lack of energy client service
  • Technical illiteracy of large part of energy consumers

From 1st of January to 31st December 2013 npower received 1,383,650 complaints. On its website npower lists the top five reasons for these complaints as billing (66%), payment (13%), metering (10%), energy transferring (4%) and debt (2%). (Source)

The experts state, by 2035, energy consumptions will increase by 35%. That will involve the rise of troubles, needing optimal solutions to cope with the undergoing transformations.

`Energy transformation is a reality: huge demand growth, investment and affordability, cleaner energy, smarter energy, the changing role of a customer – all of these components add to a new power and utilities market structure that drives companies’ strategies`



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