Tremendous growth and thriving possibilities are undeniable features of Financial Technologies. Experts forecast, in the nearest future the industry will replace traditional financial organizations and establishments. Fintech has a great advantage compared to the latter – convenient and affordable ways of conducting banking and other financial operations.

Nevertheless, to stay competitive and prosperous, Fintech companies struggle to come up with new and innovative solutions to overcome the most popular challenges:

Fintech Challenges

  • Data security, including security breaches, cyber-attacks, hacks
  • Privacy issues, including customer privacy, lack of consumers` trust
  • Constant support and improvement by a trusted service provider, which sometimes become number one problem

“There are 1,362 Fintech companies in 54 countries around the world”,

The quantity of financial technology companies is growing fast, thus the competition among them is rocking too. There are 1,362 Fintech companies in 54 countries around the world. To stay competitive, you have to find and implement new effective solutions.


For those, trying to solve the challenges above, GNS offers its highest quality development services. We have already successfully completed more than 200+ projects in:

We`ve helped more than 200 clients to boost their businesses in the industries, like startups, e-government, e-learning, e-commerce and retail, finance, travel & hospitality, gamification.

What we do

What do we offer to your business?

  • CRM systems that will improve your customer relations and business processes
  • Mobile banking solutions for optimizing credit systems, personalizing banking customers` experience
  • Data security audit and monitoring, helping your company easily and quickly reveal data dangers and risks
  • Implementing preconceived processes and procedures, providing you with software security protection and data security control
  • Crowdfunding services, developing platforms to ease your funding process
  • Constant support and improvement

Applying to GNS, be ready to obtain all the obstacles, you have. We are a team of professionals, enjoying to find innovative technical solutions for those in need.

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