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Ramsey – Predictive Analytics For Industry 4.0

Ramsey is a software product that consists of a set of technologies to perform data analysis and proceed with terabytes and petabytes of data.

Valuable implementations:

  • Equipment failure prediction for artificial lifting (up to 2 days before it
  • Anomaly detection for oil production;
  • Enhanced oil recovery using digital control;
  • Intelligent assistant at the offshore and onshore platforms (industrial
    chat-bot can show potential problems on the rigs on interactive map);
  • Manage chemistry effectively during well repair.

Main benefits: increases productivity, reduces costs, improves safety, eliminates unnecessary travel to remote platform, minimizes downtime during
commissioning, automates process data documentation, advances analysis
and forecasting, leads to more accurate reporting, intelligent alerts and
event management.

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Workflow Engine

The Workflow Engine framework is acomprehensive enterprise solution for applications that require flexible approval workflows integrated into the core system’s design.
Back-end solution intended to empower custom .NET applications with flexible workflows, such as requests lifecycle or approval chains. The solution is integrated with the Corporate Hierarchy for the approval lookups. An extensive set of rules are available to determine the responsible person(s) based on their roles, groups membership and other conditions. Flexible
conditions allow for automated workflow transitions of any complexity. Although the framework is packaged, GNS provides services for configuration changes and additional programming that may be required to include the Workflow Engine API calls into custom applications.

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Excel Reporting Engine

The Excel Reporting Engine is a unique web-based Business Intelligence tool that combines all the power of BI features with flexibility and ease of use. Integrated with the Microsoft BI platform that includes SQL Server, Analysis Server, SharePoint Server, PowerPivot, Excel Services, etc., it provides
end users with the capability to design reports and conduct sophisticated ad-hoc data analysis using familiar features of
Microsoft Excel worksheets.

Unlike many complicated BI tools, any company that has a need for BI analyt-ics and ad-hoc reporting capabilities can use
the Excel Reporting Engine solution without requiring extensive investment or
additional training. GNS consultants and data analysts can assist the client with the simple initial installation and configuration of data sources library or if the tool needs to be integrated with existing enterprise applications custom integration services are also available.

Specification Metrics

Designed to automate quality assurance measurement checks against a wide range of rules including: allowed ranges, value matrixes, exact matches, custom formulas, etc. Applicable rules are automatically selected for particu-lar items based on specification versions, item attributes,
order details etc. The rules and formulas are automatically compiled into SQL
expressions, ensuring high performance. The API framework allows for easy adding of the checks into SQL stored procedures and .NET code. A convenient UI allows rules entry for personnel not familiar with the SQL or .NET expressions. The solution is frequently used in the oil and gas industry where production items are constantly measured to match the specification requirements, but it is also suitable for any enterprise that require actual values to be checked against predefined metrics.

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