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Oil & Gas is tumbling. Ecologists demand safe and secure solutions. Charges are skyrocketing, while ecological compatibility is boosting. One by one, O&G companies are falling down with no ability to find innovative solutions.

“O&G companies need to exploit new technology to innovate, minimize costs, and help contribute to achieving a lower-emissions environment” strategyand.pwc.com

Being in O&G, you probably know all the challenges standing in the way of your business. Moreover, you probably see the importance of implementing new solutions as well.

240 enterprises are adopting enterprise mobility for these reasons

63% - cost savings

51% - productivity

50% - employee needs

43% - competition

71% of smartphone users use smartphones at work


Being in O&G, you do probably know all the challenges, crashing your business down. Moreover, you do probably see the importance of implementing new solutions as well.

RESULTS: mobile apps designed for internal workflow resulted in

45%improved productivity

44%improved efficiency

GNS is a quality digital service provider, ready to share its boosting experience with your business. During our 9-year activity we`ve already successfully completed more than 200 projects. GNS helped to launch more than 200 clients` businesses in startups, e-government, e-learning, e-commerce and retail, finance, travel & hospitality, gamification, Oil & Gas.

We are ready to offer quality digital services in:

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We know your problems in O&G. We are aware of innovative technologies over the world. We are close to your needs and challenges. Be sure, GNS makes your business work and thrive.

66% - improve communication & collaboration among team members

48% - rapidly deliver actionable information to the point of decision

42% - increase customer intimacy

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