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In 2014, global international tourism revenue reached approximately 1.25 trillion U.S. dollars, having almost doubled since 2005

Travel & Hospitality is the most rocketing industry all over the world. It`s an undeniable fact that country`s profit in a big share depends on the development of the sphere of travel and hospitality. The whole income of the world`s travel & hospitality industry is doubling every year.

Travel & Hospitality Challenges

But, any business keeping in touch with tourism and hospitality, is fully aware of the industry challenges. More and more people prefer to use their phones to access all the information they need during planning, travelling and post travelling stages. It becomes more difficult to hold attention of the users. Attention span is falling and companies need new solutions to attract their consumers. the industry is struggling for innovative technical and digital solutions to solve the problems with:

  • Lack of mobile services throughout the industry
  • Growing information stock on the market
  • Rising amount of restaurant online services
  • Difficulties in administrating working staff of a company
  • Problems with optimizing the staff researching process on the labor-market
  • Lack of finance provision for innovative solutions
  • And many others, needing quick and quality solutions to implement

Before vacation

1) 81% of travel consumers find reviews by other travellers more helpful than other sources of information

2) Of those using social media for research, 52% were influenced to change their their travel plans

3) 52% of Facebook users said friends’ pgotos inspired their holiday choice and/or travel plans

While on vacation

4) 72% of users post vacation photos on Facebook

5) 46% of users check in to a location using Facebook or FourSquare

6) 70% of users update their Facebook Status


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Usage of Mobile Phones for Travel Info

85%of leisure travelers use their smart phone while traveling

30%have used mobile apps to find hotel deals

29%of travelers have used mobile apps to find flight deals

15%have downloaded mobile apps specific to upcoming vacations

GNS offers the best quality services to help you become full stacked:

That includes successful projects in travel & hospitality, e-government, startups, e-learning, e-commerce and retail, finance, games. Our 9 years on the digital market means unlimited experience in reaching needs of 200+ customers.

What we do

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32% - about one in every three travelers books exclusively online

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