Why Ukrainian IT Outsourcing Is The Best Solution For You

Nowadays there is a major popular tendency in IT to “outer-source-using”. Outsourcing is flexible and stable, productive and effective way to run your IT projects with less effort and much more productivity. Whether it`s a web project, mobile or software development, enterprise or any other project of that similarity. You are easily available to use a great variety of perspectives of different specialists, professionals and companies while building a project. In this post I`m going to tell you real pros of IT outsourcing in general and partiularly outsourcing to Ukraine. After reading you`ll certainly get the right idea of what outsourcing is, why it is the most, the best and the most convinient way to run your projects successfully.

What Exactly Is Outsourcing?

Here are some definitions and explanations, which will be anchoring for you during the whole story in the post. Outsourcing is a modern and popular strategy to run a project, when you/your company transfers definite portions of work to outside suppliers. In this way a project is partially completed by both sides of the agreement. And thanks to it you save and reduce a solid part of costs and efforts. You may decide to outsource when it`s rather rational to get the product from a company with comparative advantages than to produce it internally. Surely outsourcing has a load of benefits, which attract business from different branches.

Main Benefits Of Outsourcing

Here I`m giving you the soundest ones:

  • benefits_of_outsourcing-finalSaving time while recruiting and fulfilling a project. Just imagine that you are capable of doing the job which is really interesting for you. No administration, no bookmarking work or any other detailed and dull work for you and you team
  • Saving efforts and resources. You don`t have to hire new staff or buy new equipment to reach the goal you aren`t specialized in. You shouldn`t spare your own resources and efforts on the question you aren`t in tune with
  • Reducing costs. It depends on the size of the company, but in general, you`ll definitely save an amount of money while outsourcing
  • Achieving expected result faster and easier. When the tasks are effectively distributed over professionals, the project goals are usually reached faster and easier
  • Working on a project 24 hours a day every week. Because of the time difference you get the task done everywhere and all the time
  • Focusing your company on the core competency. You concentrate the power resources of the company on the parts of the project your team is comprehensive of. And those things you do not actually know well you outsource to experts
  • Giving your business an opportunity to grow. You can`t hold on to everything on your own. You have to let it go. Let it successfully go on with you and other professionals

Cons Of Outsourcing

But! Every coin has two sides. Outsourcing strategy has some tricky bits you have to keep in mind.

The first and the most solid is all about trust. You don`t exactly know the performer you connect with. You don`t know his real possibilities and capabilities. So! You have to research everything you`re interested in about the company/specialist you outsource your tasks. Be attentive and comprehensive.

The other trick you have to remember is connected with the intellectual property and privacy concerns. Sometimes it is really not as good as desired. But to minimize the risks you can avoid outsourcing your legal agreements, codes, agreements with other partners. So if you are going to be patient and accurate, you won`t bump into those problematic issues.

Outsource To A Company Or Freelancer?

outsourcing-servicesOne more thing to keep in mind is whether to outsource to a certain company or a freelancer. In our practice we usually turn to companies rather than to performers on the freelance platforms. The reason lies in some points:

  • There is no guarantee that a freelancer will do the job in time and in the way you require. You don`t have any special agreement, which will definitely save you from a cheater. The company usually pays attention to its reputation and at any time you have the possibility to sign an agreement to avoid a lot of risks you may face
  • The company has a complete staff, so the tasks you outsource can be definitely done much faster and by more qualified people

Why Outsource To Ukraine?

Be sure to whom you want to delegate a part of your project. One of the questions here is which country is better for IT outsourcing. Nowadays there are lots of destination with great credentials. One of them is definitely Ukraine. Why?

infographicAccording to Forbes the last few years an IT boom is happening in Ukraine. Currently Ukraine is the 4th country in the world by largest number of IT specialists.  Central And Eastern Europe Outsourcing Association reports some basic reasons why it is really effective to outsource to Ukraine and they are:

  • Immense industry growth. Ukraine`s IT industry comprises 30-40% of earnings of the entire IT market
  • A load of skilled professionals. Ukraine boasts 350,000 IT specialists, 25,000 of which are certified. And most of them are hired in the local IT companies
  • Tax relief. A government initiative provided Ukrainian software developers with an immense tax relief, which is going to be valid until 2023
  • Strategic location. Ukraine lies in a suitable time zone, which is very attractive to Western European cities and North America

Nowadays Ukraine has a place among top 30 outsourcing countries and 10 top countries according to the amount of certified IT specialists. Just imagine in 2013 the quantity of outsourcing IT services delivered was 1.5 bn and in 2014 it grew 42.3%! The average annual growth of IT industry in Ukraine is about 40%.

The outsourcing industry in Ukraine is worthy to work in. The numbers speak volumes! Don`t they?

Now you know what outsourcing is and how it helps to optimize a project or any kind of business. And you have clear understanding how and where to outsource successfully. Hope this post was helpful.

Did you use outsourcing strategy in your business/project? What was you experience? What challenges did you face? Have anything to add or comment on? You are welcome! Leave your messages about the outsourcing experience. We will be glad to discuss it.

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