App for language school


App for English language school. Users work with cards. Every card contains 4 tasks for listening, translation etc. The goal is to teach English in the style of a game.


The first iteration is an iOS app. It provides more opportunities for creating complex animations and interface structure than Android. Combined with a successful educational methodology based on theme cards and special motivational system and allowing to organize the process in the form of a game, it allowed us to create a unique unrivaled UX.

Every task among four types was tested with the help of target audience (students of one of English schools). Their feedback led to specific interface solutions that improved the learning process and speed of user’s interaction with the app.


The app was developed using Swift and Objective-C for some features. It offers lots of animations, among which are:

  •         Cards scrolling
  •         Carousel scrolling for certain objects
  •         Sound waves visualization

Our team suggested an improvement to client’s gamification mechanics, including:

  •         Sentence builder
  •         Using levels for showing user’s progress

In order to achieve the most effective resource distribution the team used a specific methodology for splitting the entire development process into functional subtasks.


Android (Java), Objective-C, Swift


Project Manager, Designer, iOS Developer, QA

Project duration:

Currently ongoing project

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