Car parts online store

UX Design, Web Development (backend and frontend)

We designed and developed frontend, backend and database for online store selling car parts.

These include:

  • Beautifully designed website
  • Powerful admin panel
  • Complex database
  • Various third party services integration


  • Too much work regarding store management had to be done manually
  • Website conversion rate was below the set goals

Our Solutions

The website was built on a platform that didn’t support a lot of features that were necessary to achieve higher levels of automation. The ones supported required too much effort and resources to implement and still left too much work for staff.

The wise course of action was building a custom CMS that supported the necessary technologies and provided room for easy improvements and customization in the future. We built the system using Symfony frameworkbecause it is fast, secure, expandable and upgradable. Besides, GNS developers have great experience with this framework.admin

To improve conversion rates we decided to rethink UX and UI, and improve speed (website scored 49/100 for mobile and 54/100 for desktop in Google PageSpeed Tools).

Designing a specialized online store always requires deep understanding of target audience needs and ways to satisfy these needs. This is the reason for conducting a research with the following stages:

  • Geo targeted analysis of similar resources
  • Developing prototypes and testing them in focus groups
  • Building wireframes and informational architecture

This research allowed us to create a simple and easy to use interface within a short timeframe and fully meet the client’s requirements and target audience insights.

Website speed was improved by about 20% just by moving it to a new CMS. After utilizing the newest CSS and JavaScript features we managed to reduce load time even more. Lastly, we implemented Elasticsearch engine and Rabbit MQ to improve search speed.


  • Smartly designed website with products catalog and shopping cart
  • Website search with filters
  • Admin panel with highly automated workflow
  • Warehouse management, message aggregation, complex logistics service integration

Online store features

  • Catalog
  • Shopping cart
  • Website search including category filters


Elasticsearch engine, redis, rabbit MQ, PHP, CSS3, HTML5, Symfony, JavaScript, MySQL


Team lead, Designer, Frontend Developer, 3 Backend Developers, QA

Project duration:

1 year

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