Restaurant web management

Desktop development, Mobile Development

Those involved with managing restaurant business are always in need of accessing a real-time data. This solution gives you the best opportunity to get to the whole business data (from all locations) from your web browser. It allows you to distantly manage all the business processes, from updating prices and menu issues to generating custom reports and exporting data. To match operating schedule, all price changes or menu updates or others, are automatically scheduled. In addition to this, the management solution utilizes cloud technology to back up your local databases off-site for an added level of redundancy and security.


C#, JavaScript, Silverlight, WCF, OLAP, LINQ, SQL, Azure, ASP.NET, HTML, CSS, Entity Framework, Ajax, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Telerik, SQL Server 


Web developers, Mobile Developer, Designer, QA

Project duration:

Since 2004, in process of development, improvement and support

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