Trading platform

.NET Development, Web Development

This is an electronic platform for transparent trade negotiations for OTC transactions. This is a unique target specific platform for the areas within the whole industry.

The app is able to work with distributed data, which sometimes can be stored in the variety of databases, like SQL Server, any client`s local database or any other. To keep data consistent, operations should go within single transaction between all DBs.

Besides, the app has the ability to provide real-time data delivery, which is important for trades operations – real-time bids and asks. It also possesses high level of security. That means we have bunch of services that need authentication and communicate through secure channel only. For this purpose, we use Windows Identity Foundation that was fully integrated into .net 4.5.


C#, WCF, WPF, Azure, Service Bus, WIF, REST, Bloomberg API, Active Directory, TDD, JavaScript, HTML5, OpenFin, FIX


3 Frontend Developers, 3 Backend Developers, Designer, QA

Project duration:

Since 2011, in process of development, improvement and support

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