Ultimate Efficiency
Great Flexibility
Unlimited Scalability

Outsourcing is a perfect solution for those who would like to pass control for the development process to experts in order to reduce risks and focus on the core business competencies. Our team will help you to improve efficiency and productivity and consequently scale your business.


  • Ability to shift focus to your business instead of development
  • Productivity and efficiency increase due field experts’ experience
  • Time and cost savings on recruiting and management
  • Reduced risk associated with hiring staff
  • Access to a vast pool of IT talents
  • Ability to upscale quickly
  • Better flexibility

Delivery model

1 Requirement
2 Requirement
3 Selection of appropriate
CRM modules
4 Requirement gathering
for customization
5 Software requirements specification
(SRS) document preparation
6 SRS verification
7 Requirements
document approval
8 Solution design/Prototype
9 Prototype approval
10 Solution (project)
11 Testing
12 User acceptance
13 Project changes
14 Go live (release)
15 Maintenance


Proven Quality
Complete Reliability
Outstanding Predictability

Outstaffing is an excellent solution for those who require the whole development team or lack resources and need to extend their own teams having a full management control over the project and staff. We will provide you with the best specialists on the market having necessary expertise fast and proficiently.


  • Access to skilled workforce, even if the skills are rare
  • Complete control over the selection of resources
  • Staff expenses reduction
  • Flexible and constant resources to scale up and scale down your teams easily
  • Total control and direct communication with the off-site team
  • In-house and off-site teams’ cohesion and production stability
  • Fully predictable budget as costs are fixed
  • Possible increase in company value due to increased index of income per employee

Delivery model

1 Gathering information
regarding necessary resources
2 Resources
from GNS staff
search for necessary resources on the market
3 Short listing resources (the Customer is
able to select CVs and conduct interviews)
4 Customer’s approval
of the selected resources
5 Recruiting and on-boarding
process if needed
6 Team completion
7 Ongoing process (business analysis,
design,development, testing, management)

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