Intern Business Analyst Kyiv

Hi! My name is Yana, I’m a recruiter for GNS. I’d like to tell you about our internship program.

It’s not going to be like a university or courses. No lectures or boring routine assignments with standard prototypes and examples according to a preconceived plan.

What you’re going to have is a single task that has to be done. There are going to be directions what to read to help you get it done.You’ll have the opportunity to seek solutions, discuss them, ask questions and get answers.

Aside from working with you mentor you’ll learn about the operation of our IT company and fully take part in day to day work of different teams.


3 months


6 hours, 5 days a week


  • Requirements analysis and specification drafting
  • Task assignment and task creation in JIRA
  • Work with requests for requirements adjustment
  • Getting the specifications approval from a customer
  • Control over the correct execution of assigned tasks
  • Creation and control over the process of requirements management during the entire project life cycle
  • Documentation and confirmation of the results of requirements collection


Two possible outcomes after 3 months


  • Job offer. Full-time employment in junior position on a real project.
  • No job offer. In this case we commit to explain what kind of technical shortcomings lead to this decision. Upon the company is considered to have fulfilled its obligation to an intern. This decision can also be made at any moment, based upon intern’s performance.



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