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ERP and CRM systems significantly improve efficiency of a business. We know it first hand. GNS developed and implemented such systems for many businesses.

Immersion in your business for
better results
Quicker delivery due to customizable
and ready to implement products
Special attention to security of
sensitive business data

Need an ERP or CRM developed from scratch or customized based on an existing system? We know the process inside and out.

We have our own solutions that are ready for implementation right now. Each solution is modular. GNS can deliver an ERP or CRM in its entirety or integrate only the modules you need into a new system.

We can customize every module according to specific requirements or develop new ones from scratch.

Delivery Model

1 Requirement
2 Requirement
3 Selection of appropriate
CRM modules
4 Requirement gathering
for customization
5 Software requirements specification (SRS) document
preparation, including custom development from scratch
6 SRS verification
7 Requirements
document approval
8 Prototype
9 Prototype approval
10 Solution (project)
11 Testing
12 User acceptance
13 Project changes
14 Go live (release)
15 Maintenance


Working on the project we appreciated the level of communication and team’s deep involvement. The end product turned out better than expected, particularly due to implementation of several modern technologies. We appreciate its quality services and recommend GNS as a reliable IT partner.

Adam Hummell DailyRoto LLC Co-Founder

While the development process, GNS IT specialists demonstrated high level of proficiency, strong expertise and good quality of service. We had ongoing communication process, and got all our wishes and needs implemented. Now, we are fully happy with our new business tools and have already noticed their efficiency and improvements in our customer service.

Stepan Kharchenko GoFit Founder

During the work process we communicated with manager and developers. All of them showed their competency, expertise, and professionalism through explaining all the details, sharing ideas and suggestions to extract information for satisfaction of our needs. All the communications were smooth and quick, which is a big advantage during the work.

Asel Baitassova “Common Factor” LLP Director

We had a lot of synergy with the development team creating and brainstorming, drawing the links and accesses. As a result we have a reliable solution that covers all the processes, clients, relations, financial flow, administrating, KPI’s and other operations. This solution assists our everyday operational tasks and brings the business to the higher level of maturity.

Nikolay Guguli IT Education Academy COO

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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) seems to be strange and mysterious for the majority of people. As a matter of fact, it is a simple system of business control. However, it is not that simple, as it helps to raise the salesforce, raise the speed of request processing, and raise the loyalty and popularity among new and returning customers. 

Everything about CRM by a Custom CRM Software Development Company

First of all, you need to define if you need the CRM system for your business:

  • You need CRM if you have got a sales department? which work is based on communication with clients via online chats and phone calls. For you, the history of communication is essential, and need to be stored in one place, for raising the productivity rates. For instance, a CRM integrated into telephony will be useful for online shops and big retailers. 
  • You do not need CRM if you are not interested in building a long-term relationship with clients. You do not call them, write them emails, and do not send them SMS notifications. Or, you might work by with long-term contracts concluded through the personal agreements. In this case, any CRM will not help you, as everything here depends on the experience of your managers. 

There is a big probability, that a reason why you need CRM exists, and you might not know about it at all. To explain how CRM works, let’s observe the most favorite marketing example in our custom CRM development company.

Meet Joe. Joe is a private entrepreneur who works with window installation. In the past, he had a few clients, and everything was easy. Now, when he has gone popular, small problems began to appear: he forgot to call back a client, he forgot to make a project, he forgot about a client paid a month ago, etc. Customers began leaving Joe. Joe has come to our CRM development company, and now the business is like this: 

  1. He gets a new request, and a CRM sends a web notification to call a client.
  2. A manager uses custom CRM software to call him and gets a request to the stage “Measuring”.
  3. After it, a specialist takes the client’s card to the section “Agreement”.
  4. A manager gets a task in CRM “Count the price and call a client”.
  5. The CRM automatically forms an agreement template, and a client pays.
  6. An engineer gets the task “Install a window by a certain date”.
  7. At the same time, Joe concentrates on the online reports sent by the CRM. 

As a result, Joe has more options to control his business, even without leaving his home, through an application. One simple call to our CRM software development company has raised his productivity in many times. 

Why Do You Need CRM? Custom CRM Developers Will Explain

These are the problems a CRM can easily cure:

  • Do managers forget to accept requests? A CRM catches all the requests from your website and assigns the responsible managers. If the task is delayed, you will know about it immediately. 
  • It is challenging to analyze sales? A CRM will make clear reports about everything, including the productivity of your staff. 
  • A manager leaves you and takes the client database? A CRM app can manage access to any source of business information. 
  • Fast-changing staff affect sales? The custom CRM software stores the history of communication, so it is easy to make a new employee show the same level of productivity. 

Why Do You Need Custom CRM Development from GNS-IT?

Our custom CRM development means the personal approach to every client and the most effective solution to your problems. We provide you with:

  • The best and the simplest custom CRM interface and design for your company;
  • An ability to start as soon as you get the tools;
  • No problems with migration from other webCRM services;
  • GNS-IT CRM development company shows the best prices;
  • Powerful and easy-to-use analytical solutions;
  • The fast and open development process, which you can control;
  • Any kind of platform and webspace, from Microsoft office to PHP;
  • Swift CRM systems that adapt to any offline and ecommerce projects.

GNS-IT CRM development company is your way to save your business and promote it to the next level of customer management. Do not hesitate, visit our service now, and request the best custom CRM platforms from the best developers.

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