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You tell us where you want your business to be and we show you how tech can get you there.

Skilled staff at every stage
of development
Clean code
Transparent development

Our business analyst gathers your requirements and suggests the best course of action. It includes every aspect necessary for success of the project.

GNS designers will create everything from scratch or customize a ready template to your needs. Once you approve the design, we move on to the development stage.

There is no project too hard for GNS developers. We have completed numerous projects of varied complexity and have great experience with every current technology.

Even if your project requires a rare technology, it is not a reason to delay delivery. GNS will find the appropriate specialists before design stage is finished.

After rigorous testing the ready product is transferred to you and we are happy to keep maintaining and improving it.

Delivery Models


For businesses that would like to pass control for the development process to experts in order to reduce risks and focus on the core business competencies

  • Ultimate Efficiency
  • Great Flexibility
  • Unlimited Scalability
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For businesses that require the whole development team or need to extend their own teams having a full management control

  • Proven Quality
  • Complete Reliability
  • Outstanding Predictability
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Working on the project we appreciated the level of communication and team’s deep involvement. The end product turned out better than expected, particularly due to implementation of several modern technologies. We appreciate its quality services and recommend GNS as a reliable IT partner.

Adam Hummell DailyRoto LLC Co-Founder

While the development process, GNS IT specialists demonstrated high level of proficiency, strong expertise and good quality of service. We had ongoing communication process, and got all our wishes and needs implemented. Now, we are fully happy with our new business tools and have already noticed their efficiency and improvements in our customer service.

Stepan Kharchenko GoFit Founder

During the work process we communicated with manager and developers. All of them showed their competency, expertise, and professionalism through explaining all the details, sharing ideas and suggestions to extract information for satisfaction of our needs. All the communications were smooth and quick, which is a big advantage during the work.

Asel Baitassova “Common Factor” LLP Director

We had a lot of synergy with the development team creating and brainstorming, drawing the links and accesses. As a result we have a reliable solution that covers all the processes, clients, relations, financial flow, administrating, KPI’s and other operations. This solution assists our everyday operational tasks and brings the business to the higher level of maturity.

Nikolay Guguli IT Education Academy COO

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There is no person who doesn’t look for goods and services on the Web today. Our team creates effective solutions. We love and know how to make websites that will contribute to your business success. Our company creates thoughtful sites that hook the target audience and make an unforgettable impression. Your users won’t pass by!

Our custom web development company creates convenient sites that are simple and easy to use. And we try to ensure that every penny invested in the site, advertising, and maintenance, is worked out 100% with maximum efficiency. The main goal of our professional web development company is to build a concept on the distinctive features of the firm, responsive to market changes, niches, and trends.

Professional Web Development Company: Entrust Your Project to Experts

More than 12 years of continuous activity, 450+ ready-made projects, including for very large companies, 200+ customers from 11 countries and constant growth of opportunities – this is how we can briefly describe our web development company. Our development agency is one of the best agencies according to the reviews of our clients because we are a team of extroverts who are united by love and passion for work. We strive for personal and career development. Over the years, we have reached heights, which once again prove the high-performance indicators of sites created by our team.

At the stage of acquaintance with the customer, we have a number of questions. We need you to give complete and understandable answers to create the product tailored to your needs. Therefore, before starting to create a website, we have a brief with the client. This is a kind of questionnaire that will help us understand the specifics of the customer’s business, the advantages of the company. We must formulate and understand the task, the goals of the future site, to see what the customer expects to get. The more information you provide, the more the finished project will correspond to the one that you imagined before ordering it.

If this is your first time ordering a website development, it is recommended that you prepare in advance and identify the important factors that are fundamental to the future resource. These include the target audience; USP; benefits and accents.

Our web development company makes each project 100% unique as we tailor it to your personal requirements. Want to get the tool that will change things for the better? Don’t hesitate to entrust the project to our best-qualified experts, among whom are only certified developers who can brainstorm original ideas and solutions for your business.

Web Development Services: All Spectrum of Services

Our web development company offers web development services like website development, which includes: website development, promotion, advertising, redesign, marketing, copywriting, support, maintenance and other services that help to create a turnkey website from scratch, run and promote it in the TOP of search results for the development of the company and the client making a profit.

We care about our reputation and value it. Therefore, we always create sites according to the customer’s requirements. An exception may be recommendations for features, design, and usability, which will help increase the effectiveness of the website. That is why we position ourselves as a team of experts and professionals who will help in the development of your online business, increasing the company’s revenues several times. Entrust us your project whether you’ve got business in the e-commerce, edtech, travel, real estate,  or health.

Web Development Services: Get an Effective Business Tool

 First of all, the site should be convenient and efficient. We believe that the application of advanced technology will help us to achieve this goal. To do this, we:

  • We develop a detailed plan with an indication of the technical nuances that a website should possess, and adhere to it at all stages of website development;
  • We connect a convenient and intuitive content management system;
  • We use modern technologies: HTML5, JS, CCS3, Photoshop,etc;
  • We focus on the target audience, taking into account the wishes of the customer.

A correct and effective website is not just a beautiful design. This is a business tool, the commercial component of your business, which task is to increase profits. Such an app should masterfully combine a pleasant visual, a full set of functions for ease of use, good usability. Want to order the creation of a website that will help to sell your product? Entrust it to our custom web development company. We are interested in your success, we are focused on the result, therefore, we are ready to develop a win-win project. Our custom web development agency will become your partner and, based on its experience, will select the best solution for your business!

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